The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a high-pressure gas for which specially designed and fabricated seamless cylinders manufactured in accordance with prescribed standard used in vehicles. Only the valid licensees/ retrofitters are authorized to convert vehicles to CNG at their respective facilities. The general public is, therefore, advised to use only the Brand New imported CNG vehicle cylinders in their vehicles certified by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO)-Nagpur and The mounting of the CNG on-board

cylinders shall conform to AIS:028.

All vehicle owners are, therefore, informed for their own safety and interest that they should: –

  1. Natural Gas is a high methane content gas mixture used as a heating fuel (Piped Natural Gas known as PNG) and , motor fuel(Compressed Natural Gas known as CNG)
  2. It is lighter than air and will dissipate into atmosphere.
  3. It is a colourless gas to which a foul smelling agent {ethyl mercaptan} is added to detect leaks.
  4. Its flammable limit in air (% by volume) is from 5 – 15 %. Natural gas without sufficient air or with too much.
  5. It is easily ignitable by spark or flame. Its auto ignition temperature is 540 Degree C.