About PNG

PIPED NATURAL GAS – the Fuel of 21st Century

Natural gas is a colorless and odorless fossil fuel consisting primarily methane (CH4), which is the simplest hydrocarbon. Piped Natural Gas (PNG) has several distinctions to its credit – of being a pollution-free , safe, economic and user friendly fuel. PNG has no hassles of cylinder booking/ waiting delivery, and no storage space required. PNG is being used predominantly as a versatile fuel in many major cities catering to domestic, commercial and industrial applications. In domestic sector PNG is used for cooking, water heating, space heating, air conditioning, etc. In commercial sector, PNG is used for cooking, water/ space heating, central air conditioning, power generation etc. In industries, PNG is used for power generation, central air-conditioning, fertilizers, petrochemicals, steam production, gas processing etc.

When you choose PNG, you are making a wise decision. Why not enhance your comfort and improve your lifestyle for the years to come? Experience the versatility and performance of this reliable energy source. With PNG you don’t need to make any choices, for its characteristics make it the best option for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.