Commercial PNG

Benefits of PNG as Commercial Fuel

  • Uninterrupted Supply
    PNGalways offers the convenience of continuous and adequate supply of fuel through well laid infrastructure of pipelines.
  • Safety
    PNG being lighter than air is safer.
  • Environmental benefits
    PNG is a clean/environment friendly fuel. It does not leave any unpleasant soot, ash, or odour.
  • No spillage and pilferage
    In case of fuels like HSD and LDO, there are considerable chances of spillage and pilferage. In case of PNG these losses are invariably done away with, as PNG is supplied through pipes.
  • No Adulteration possible
    Which is otherwise a common problem with other liquid fuels.
  •  High Combustion Efficiency
    Due to high Combustion efficiency natural gas is very well utilized in the combustion process.
  • Post Paid Billing
    The daily bills, settlements and reconciliation are also avoided as the consumer is billed after usage
  • No Storage Required
    PNG does not require any storage tank or storage space since it is supplied to you through pipelines.
  • Better Inventory Management
    The manpower and time that was earlier being used for ensuring minimum stock levels of LPG, HSD and LDO, can be used elsewhere.